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Infinity edge pools


Surrounded by greenery and serenity, the Stirling pool appears to hover in the air as water cascades over its’ negative edge. The landscaping around the fully tiled Sea Mist 9 by 4 metre pool includes a deck for resting on after a refreshing dip.

2011 SPASA SA – Bronze Award, Best Concrete Pool up to $50,000 


A stunning pool fully tiled in Antique Green and cascading over three levels from the spa down to the infinity edge pond. The infinity edge pond is finished in matt black mosaic tiles and lined with Eco Concepts ebony pebbles.

2010, National Silver Award, Renovation over $20,000
2010, SPASA SA – Gold Award, Renovation over $20,000 


Fully tiled in “Seabreeze”, this pool and spa was designed to take advantage of the spectacular views offered from the Adelaide foothills, whilst providing ample room for swimming. Water spills firstly over the generously sized 3m by 2m spa and then cascades into the distance over the infinity edge. The spacious entry steps and ledge were placed to allow swimmers to lounge and enjoy the great views. The Genus 4 + 4 remote control system allows easy control all the pool and spa functions from the comfort of the residence.

2011 SPASA SA – Silver Award, Best Concrete Pool over $100,000

2011 SPASA SA – Silver Award, Best Concrete Pool & Spa